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Our imposing figures are active or retired law enforcement officers, and not burly bouncers.  These men and women are proactive, clean cut, intelligent, articulate, educated professionals that are trained to PREVENT a threat to you and your family. We’ve carved out this niche service for clients who are seeking large muscular bodyguards, but all of our imposing figures have the temperament and professionalism of NYPD’s Finest.  All of our personnel are trained to stabilize, defuse and de-escalate confrontations.  All of our imposing figures have an above average height

Attractive Bodyguards – Bodyguards who are viewed as dates, but are security personnel.  These guard are used primarily  at private parties and red carpet events.

Female Bodyguards – for clients who prefer women guards.

Licenses & certifications: All our security drivers, (primarily retired NYPD, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies), are licensed, bonded, and insured to provide security services, armed, or unarmed through Finest Executive Protection LLC. Additionally, as an added benefit to our client’s and at no cost to our clients, most of our chauffeurs are First Aid, CPR, & AED Red Cross Certified. Our security drivers aren’t licensed or insured to provide any medical assistance, nor is the company, but most client’s find it comforting, knowing the person that is driving them, & or providing security escorts is not only skilled at protecting them from security threats, but is also certified by the Red Cross to provide Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, First Aid and trained to operate an Automated External Defibrillator, in an emergency, and we hope you will too. Note: During a medical emergency the security officer can decline to provide any medical assistance, or choose to provide medical assistance, under the Good Samaritan Law, New York State Public Health Law Section 3000-a., emergency medical treatment. We ask that clients who would like our Security Driver to provide medical assistance in an emergency, to complete a waiver in advance of booking our services.

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