Executive Protection for C – Level Executives, Dignitaries & Public Figures

Finest Executive Protection are active or retired Police Officers, State Troopers and officers from various cities, states, federal law enforcement agencies and the United States Military. Finest Executive Protection understands the needs of today’s’ business traveler. We can provide you with one of our experienced law enforcement officers to protect clients in their home or while they travel throughout New York, and through affiliates we can arrange security in New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Miami, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Credentials, qualifications & varied backgrounds
Our security personnel have the following:

Department of Defense clearance – confidential
Department of Defense clearance – secret
Department of Defense clearance – top secret
Transportation Worker Identification Credential – TWIC
Hazardous Material Endorsement Threat Assessment Program – HTAP
Backgrounds – NYPD, FBI, NYS State Troopers, NYPD Intel, Military & more
CDL driver’s license with HazMat endorsement
CDL driver’s license with Bus endorsement
Multilingual personnel – 15 plus languages
OSHA certified guards
Certified Fire Guards – Certificate of Fitness F-01, F-02, F-03, F-04, F-60 Fire Safety Director (FSD)

Please take comfort in knowing that Finest Executive Protection law enforcement background dictates our understanding of the importance of keeping disclosed information confidential, and with that said all Finest Executive Protection have signed non-disclosure agreements and we are willing to sign our clients’ non-disclosure agreements.

Do you need Finest Executive Protection for something else? Let us know
Finest Executive Protection has worked with trade shows, event planners, concierges, travel consultants, modeling agencies, sports agents, athletes, meeting planners,  destination management companies, film festivals and more.  If you require a service not listed, let us know, we are flexible and aim to please, so please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Niche Security Services

Security Assessments – Private homes, apartment & corporate buildings & more

Finest Executive Protection provides comprehensive security assessments for both individuals and corporate entities to help our clients identify, evaluate, and mitigate security risks in their personal and professional endeavors. We specialize in residential buildings, corporate worksites, and personal asset risk assessments. We provide detailed, client-specific reports that identify client vulnerabilities, assess adverse event probabilities, and recommend comprehensive, risk-mitigating solutions. Our services can be tailored to meet your specific budgetary and security constraints. To learn more about how our comprehensive service offerings – security assessments, protective services, and investigative services – can address your specific security concerns, please contact us.

Family Driver / Security Driver / NYPD Driver, Male & Female Off Duty Cops

Finest Executive Protection can provide clients with one of our experienced law enforcement officers (family drivers) to pick up and transport your child to school and return him or her home after school. We can also assist your Nanny if you have one and provide you with peace of mind that one of New York’s Finest is transporting your child. Finest Executive Protection also has many female security officers available for clients who are more comfortable with a woman transporting and protecting their children. Our services are ideal for children who require a chauffeur or security escort locally, across country or internationally. All ages welcome.

Multilingual Security Specialist

All of our Multilingual Security Officers speak fluent English and a variety of languages including Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Chinese, Creole, FrenchGerman, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Korean, Mandarin, Marathi, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, RussianSpanish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Wu, YiddishAmerican Sign Language and more.  Our bi-lingual guards are available to drive clients in our luxury vehicles or provide personal security escorts.

Court Escort / Security Escort

We have law enforcement officers available to chauffeur and escort domestic violence victims to and from court. This is the best way to protect domestic violence victims who are concerned about having contact with an abuser. Finest Executive Protection security escorts provides you with the comfort of knowing that you have a law enforcement officer escorting you home, who will make every effort to make sure you are not followed home after court proceedings conclude. All of the aforementioned services are available to witnesses who have faced witness intimidation as well.

Family of Companies
Browse through a list of companies Finest Executive Protection is affiliated with. We hope you will take advantage of their quality services…and much more!

Finest Chauffeurs – Provides law enforcement officers to chauffeur clients in the clients personal car
Red Carpet Services – Bodyguards, Chauffeurs, Luxury Cars, Step & Repeat
Spa Car – Provides vehicles specifically designed to transport clients to a Spa.  The vehicles provide a soothing, tranquil and relaxing atmosphere
Medical Procedure Escorts – provides active and retired EMS, firemen & law enforcement officers to escort clients to and from their Medical Procedure.
Cargo Security Escorts – We can provide an unmarked non-descript vehicle to follow/trail your truck, while it travels throughout the state, providing a low cost extra layer of protection ensuring your products arrive at their prescribed destination unhindered.
Confidential Concierge Support Services – Difficult situations handled discreetly.
My Hamptons Driver – Amagansett, and East Hampton police chauffeurs.
Pet Finders – We’ll help you find your missing pet – dogs, cats, rabbits and more.
Property Finders – We’ll help you find your lost property, wallet, keys, ring, necklace, flash drive, business document, sentimental item, lost love letter, card, photo, in your home, your garage, basement, the park, the beach, or along a route you took, retracing your steps as best as possible.