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Law Enforcement Officers available to transport domestic violence survivors to & from court appearances

Finest Executive Protection can provide law enforcement officers to drive and escort domestic violence survivors to and from court appearances. We can provide armed or unarmed, active and retired, male or female law enforcement officers for this service.

The service would be provided as follows:

Whether a domestic violence survivor resides in a shelter or home, Finest Executive Protection, can send an unmarked sedan or SUV to the location, and drive the client to and from any court appearances. If the client has their own vehicle, we can also provide this service, with our driver operating the client’s vehicle.

The benefits of this service are as follows:

Our security drivers are not only available to chauffeur the clients to and from court but are also available to escort the clients in and out of the courthouse, as well as locations other than court appearances, including visitations and legal appointments.

Our current and former law enforcement officers have been trained to check to see if they are being followed. Therefore, after every court appearance, our security drivers will double back, circle around blocks, and take other necessary precautions to make sure none of our clients are followed to their home or confidential location. When possible, our security drivers will make a notation of any suspicious vehicles make, model, color, and license plate number to follow up on, and pass this information onto the client, who could then use this information in court if necessary. Additionally, we’ll try to document the driver’s description.

Our law enforcement officers have taken an Oath to not reveal information about our client, including the client’s locations. Whether a client lives in their current home or apartment, or a confidential or undisclosed shelter, our security drivers have signed non-disclosure agreements, and will sign our client’s non-disclosure agreements to keep all client’s conversations, information, and locations confidential.

If an emergency were to occur our Security Drivers primary objective is to keep the client away from the aggressor and get our client to a safe location. If that means driving to a local precinct or any other measure that puts distance between the aggressor and our client, we’ll do what is necessary.

Lastly, if our security driver could safely call 911, we would, and with our professional background they would be the best witnesses possible for the client, detailing the incident and informing on duty police officials that the client was being followed, and or harassed, detailing exactly what happened.

Confrontation is our last alternative.

There is no similar service like this currently being provided, and though it’s not a perfect system it does give clients an additional measure of safety, support & comfort.

Note: No Uber or app driver will take these measures, & or have the necessary skills, training and background.

Finest Executive Protection, is licensed, bonded & insured to provide security services in New York State.

If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love your feedback and any suggestions on how to build upon this program.

To learn more about Finest Executive Protection please visit, or call 646-387-2728


Aaron T. Jackson
Ret. NYPD Police Officer

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Clients Vehicle – $75 per hour, 4 hours minimum
Company Sedan – Rate, please call 4 hours minimum
Company SUV – Rate, please call, 4 hours minimum
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